Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Coffee Table

Today has been a nice relaxing lazy Saturday.  I enjoyed an evening on the couch reading A Clash of Kings, and a simple dinner of Ramen and a cup of black tea.  

Earlier this week we decided to buy the coffee table we found last weekend while thrifting.  We are thrilled with our new table.  It looks great in our living room.  Our living room is finally coming together!  Next thing on our list to buy?  A couple end tables.  We also would like to buy an entertainment console and better lighting solutions.  I could think of some other things I might like, but those pieces of furniture are more pressing.  Though, I'd love to learn how to make furniture.  

I also took down my Valentine's Day decorations today.  This year I'm going to store them better, so they aren't a tangled mess when I get them out next year.  I taped them down to a flat piece of cardboard.  I taped them with painter's tape at the top and bottom of their strings.  

I hope ya'll are having a good Saturday, and Happy DIYing, chris!