Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magazine Christmas Tree Decoration

       If you haven't been able to tell yet, I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart.  So here we go again, with another great idea brought to you by Martha's team.  It's a decorative Christmas tree made out of an old magazine.  Martha finishes her's off with spraying it down in clear spray adhesive, and then raining some glitter down over it.  I'm not much of a glitter girl, and the tree is just as lovely without it.  I might consider either spraying it a solid fun color, or at least in a clear hard coat, just so it keeps during the off season.  I worry if I don't coat it in something to stiffen it up it could fall apart while packed up.  
Barkers Creek Heirloom Seeds (fantastic magazine, if you garden get a copy!)

- Old magazine
- Bone folder (if you want to save your fingers, not necessary) 

- Fold each individual page, starting with the first page.  Take the top right corner and bring it down to the seam of the magazine folding the page.  Make sure you are making a sharp point at the top.  Take care not to get sloppy, it's important for each fold to be exact for the tree to turn out properly.  

- Once you've folded every page go back to the beginning, and make the same fold again.  Fold each individual page, and continue to make sure the top point in neat.  

- Now starting with the last page fold the bottom tail up, making a flat bottom.  Tuck the tail into the previous page.  Do this with each sheet.  This is the most tedious part, you will need a bit of patience to make it to the end.  I've been on the edge of my seat watching Glenn Close in Damages, and that has definitely helped keep my fingers moving. 

Hope ya'll enjoyed this as much as I did.  If you aren't completely thrilled when you're done (or you just have a desperate urge to keep working), this is when you would spray the tree with clear spray adhesive, and then coat it in glitter.  Happy DIYing!


Plum-Choc-Nuts said...

Wow!!! good job. I remember doing this one in girl scouts.

Unknown said...

Thanks mom!