Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spiral Paper Rose

Today's project is another super simple one.  I'm going to show you how to make spiral paper roses.

- 3 inch square paper, in 2 different colors
- pencil
- scissors

- Lay the two pieces of paper on top of each other.  It works best if one of the pieces of paper is card stock thickness.  It adds depth to the flower if the papers are the same color, but if one is a darker shade and another a lighter shade.  Draw a spiral on the paper.  

- Start cutting the spiral out. Make sure to hold the two pieces of paper together the whole time.  

- After cutting the whole spiral out, round off all the corners.  

- Than starting with the outside end of the spiral roll up the two pieces of paper together.  Roll the papers tightly together.  When you get to the end you can let it go.   The paper should look like a rose.  

- If you cut out a bunch of spiral flowers it can make a beautiful center piece.  

Hope you all enjoyed!  Happy DIYing!