Friday, December 30, 2011

Empty can becomes something more.

Today's project is super simple again.  I am making a utensil or tool holder out of an empty can.  All you need is leftover paint.  I always seem to have a few cans of paint around, so this was an easy project to come up with.  I used a can from some sweets I had finished.  Now it is storing my pre-cut magazine strips and wooden skewers.  

- Small amount of paint
- Paint brush
- newspaper
- Empty tall can

- Cover your surface area in newspaper or whatever you have available that you  don't mind getting paint on.  Then place all of your materials on top of the newspaper.  

- Choose one half of your can and paint that half completely first.  I found the paint looks best if I paint with the height of the can, instead of around the circumference of the can.  Let the paint dry before painting the second half, that way you don't smudge your work.  Once is dry's paint the second half completely, and let dry before storing materials inside of can.  

- Once you're done you can store anything you need to organize into the can.  Pencils, buttons, coins, pens, yarn scraps, markers, rulers, the list goes on and on.  If you use different sized cans you would be able to store all sorts of things.  Use different colors for different cans.  

Hope you all enjoyed! Happy DIYing!