Friday, December 23, 2011

That Special Christmas Gift.

Today I am wrapping a special present in a nice keepsake box.  The present I will reveal tomorrow for tomorrow's DIY.  

- 4.5 inch box w/lid  (my box dark blue and circular, I got it in a set from Ikea)
- Ribbon (narrow ribbon works better)
- Hot glue gun w/ clear glue stick
- Wrinkle free glue

Start with the bottom half of the box.  Pick any place to start if you have a circular box, if it's a square box start in the middle.  You will make a small hot glue dot just under the lip on the inside.  Take a 1/4 inch of the ribbon end and place it face up on top of the glue dot.  Run the ribbon straight down the side, and then make another hot glue dot near the edge of the bottom.  Run the ribbon straight across the bottom, and add another hot glue dot on the opposite side under the ribbon.  Run the ribbon up the other side, and place another hot glue dot just inside the lip.  Place the ribbon over the last hot glue dot, and cut off the ribbon a 1/4 inch down from the top.  Repeat this process on the lid, make sure the ribbon makes with the bottom ribbon's placement.  Repeat the whole process again perpendicular to your first ribbon, so that you make an x across the top and bottom.  

Now you can make a snowflake while the glue dries completely.

Glue snowflake to the top of the box.  I used this great wrinkle free glue pen by Elmer's.  

Place tissue paper in box and present in tissue paper, then cover.  Now you have a beautiful gift wrap for a special small present!