Saturday, December 24, 2011

T-shirt Headband

Today's DIY is a combination of two idea's I saw on the internet.  A 5 strand braided headband with a fabric flower.  They are both super simple, and they look extra cute together.  I made my headband for my (almost) 2 month old niece.  Though you could make it for anyone, just adjust length for head size.  I guessed my niece's head to be about 14 inches in circumference, and it worked out perfectly.  Since your making this out of t-shirt material it will stretch a bit when completed.

- T-shirt
- Scissors
- Measuring tape
- Chalk
- Needle and thread (make sure your thread matches your t-shirt)
- Hot glue gun and clear glue
- Straight pins

- Cut a rectangle out of the t-shirt 24 inches by 9 inches.  Then make a mark with chalk 1.5 inches apart up the length, this just helps to cut a straight line.  If you want to make this for someone with a larger head you will need longer strips.  

- After you make your marks cut strips leaving a two inch band at the top.  When you are finished cut off a strip from one of the ends, so you are left with 5 strips connected by a two inch band.  

- Then pile them on top of each other, and pin at the top.  Sew across the top.

- Tape the top down, and begin braiding.  If you are unsure how to braid a 5 strand braid click here

- When you reach the desired length pin the end, and sew the bottom so the braid stays together.  

- Then sew the ends together.  If you have a lot of excess cut off the tails.  

- Cut a piece of t-shirt 4 inches square.  Fold it in half and sew the two sides together.  Then turn it right side out, so the seam is on the inside.  Wrap the piece you just made around the headband with the seam on the outside.  Pin the end's together.  Make sure it's not too loose around the headband, you may need to trim off a bit from the end.  Sew the ends together.  

- Then turn the cover up right side out, and place over the ends.  Sew two small spots to secure into place.  Now you are done with the headband it's self. 

- Use the 6th strip you cut off from your 5 strand braid.  Tape the strip down and twist it.  Then fold it in half and it will twist it's self together.  

- Starting with the loose ends (they will be the center) wrap the piece around on it's self. 

- Hot glue periodically.

- Hot glue the flower onto the headband.  

Here is the cute Annabel wearing her lovely headband!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve (or whatever holiday you do or don't celebrate)!  Happy DIYing!