Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Food

I'm going the simple route today.  I'm going to post the photos of food I made toda, and the links for the recipes.  Hope you all enjoy!  Merry Christmas!

This is what we ate for breakfast.  They are Bacon & Egg in a Toast Cups.  Everyone loved them, and they were super simple to make.    We even mixed up the bacon and cheese step, and they still came out fabulously.

For the past couple years my family has been doing just appetizers for Christmas dinner.  I've only just recently discovered how much I love Ruben sandwiches, so I had to give this Ruben Dip a try.  All the Ruben lover's raved about how delicious this was.  

Above: pre cooked; Below: after baking in the oven

This was what I made for dessert.  Individual Oreo Cheesecakes, they taste just like cookies and cream ice cream.    

Happy DIYing!


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