Monday, December 26, 2011

Upcycling an Old Sad Pair of Shoes

For today's DIY you'll need a little of your own creative juices to make this piece your own.  I have this plain light grey pair of shoes by Dirty Laundry.  They are a couple years old now, and they are starting to look kind of sad. 

I wanted to add a little character to them, and hopefully this will help fill them with some life again.  I grabbed one of my many black fine point sharpies, and went to town.  This is a pattern I often find myself doodling, so I knew I wouldn't have any trouble free-handing this onto my shoe.  

With the shape and style of this shoe I just wanted to add a little to the toe and heel of the shoe.  

After I was finished with my sharpie, in a spray bottle I made a mixture of white vinegar (1 tsp), a pinch of salt, and warm water (1 cup).  Then I sprayed the mixture on the shoe.  The ratio of the mixture isn't all that important, just make sure that it doesn't smell too strongly of vinegar, but you also don't want the vinegar to be too watered down.   The vinegar and salt will help ensure the marker doesn't run or fade as quickly.  

Hope ya'll enjoyed.  Happy DIYing!