Friday, January 27, 2012

The Better Wicker Basket

This Friday we are going to make a plain wicker basket more festive.  I bought my wicker basket at Goodwill for only three dollars, and the rest of the materials I had around the house.  

- Wicker Basket
- 3 (or more) 1/2" Ribbon
- Spray Paint
- 3" Painter's Tape
- Drop cloth
- Rubber Gloves

Start by taping off the top half of the wicker basket.  Make sure to tape the inside and outside top two inches.

Lay down a drop cloth outside, or in a well ventilated area, and place the basket on top.  Put on some rubber gloves, and spray paint the basket.  Spray the basket from multiple directions, so you are able to get in all the crevasses.  Let the basket dry before repositioning to get the inside and handle.  

Once dry remove the painter's tape.  Then start weaving the ribbon through the basket.  I tied my first loop off on the inside of the basket, in a corner.  I used a silky blue ribbon on top.  For the second ribbon row I started in the opposite corner, and I braided two tulle ribbons together, one was green, and the other was orange.  Then, I weaved the two ribbons below the blue ribbon. 


I will be using this basket to collect mail!  Hope you enjoyed!  Happy DIYing!