Sunday, January 15, 2012

Braided T-shirt Bracelets

Today I made a few braided t-shirt bracelets.  I had a bunch of scraps leftover from the headband I made for Annabel, so I decided to use them up to make bracelets (and I added in a blue t-shirt too).  I have a tattoo on my left wrist, and I have to cover it up for work, so I'm always looking for new chunky fun bracelets.  I loved these cause I didn't need to buy any material to make them, and I can make a bunch in a short period of time.  

First, I started out with cutting off a sleeve from an old t-shirt. 

Then, I cut up the seam to open up the sleeve.

Next, I cut the end stitching off, and cut the shirt into 1/2 inch strips.  Don't worry about being precise, it will still look good if it's not perfect.  

Now pick up three pieces and tie them in a knot on the end.  

Ask a friend or family member to hold the piece above the knot, and begin braiding.

Check the length as you go, and when it's long enough to reach around your wrist tie a knot in the end.  Cut off the excess on the ends.  

Overlap the two ends and using a small t-shirt piece tie a knot in-between the ends to form the bracelet.  

Cut off the ends and you are done.  Repeat the process, and make as many as you want!  Play with combining colors, or making just solid-colored bracelets.  

Happy DIYing!