Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Crayons

This is a super easy, awesome Valentine's Day project.  When I was a kid I loved Valentine's Day, because all the crafts associated with this holiday are simply fantastic.  Today, I created Heart Crayons melted from crayon bits (via Martha Stewart).  We made these when I was I child, and the bucket of crayons had tons of broken chunks at the bottom.  Sadly I didn't have a plethora of broken up old crayons to use, but I do have an abundance of crayons.  As a 27 year old, I find I don't use up my crayons half as fast, as I did when I was five.  This project was so much fun though, I might be going to the dollar store to buy a bunch of cheap crayons!

- 36 Whole Crayons (6 per Heart)
- Mini Heat Cake Tray (or any shape)

Begin by removing all the paper from the crayons.  I found that when I removed a bit from the bottom first, the rest would slip over the tip.  Now preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Next, break up the crayons with your hands into small pieces. If you want smaller chunks, than you are able to do by hand, you can use a knife and cutting board.  Use six crayons per heart.  Play with the colors you combine!  

Stick the heart pan in the oven for fifteen minutes.  Remove when the crayons look fully melted.  Be careful when removing it from the oven.  You don't want to splash the hot crayon wax about.  If you do dribble, clean up while the wax is still a liquid.  

Let the crayons cool for 15 minutes, and then stick in the freezer for 20 more minutes.  The heart crayons should pop right  out when they are ready.   

I love the way they turned out!  If you have a little one, these would make great Valentine's for school!

Until tomorrow, Happy DIYing!