Sunday, January 22, 2012

Organizing Your Seeds!

I love to garden, and it is almost time to get some of my seeds started.  So for today's project I am decoupaging some plastic containers to store my seeds in.  I am making two containers.  One container will keep my herbs and seeds I'll start indoors, and the other will hold my flowers and seeds I start outdoors.  I bought my containers from Target, and they are the perfect size for this project.  
Before (bottom)  & After (top)
Start by cutting a piece of material for each side of your container.  I cut each side a little larger than they really are, this is so there is some overlapping on the edges.  Begin with the bottom.  Apply modge podge or a similar product to the bottom of the container, and then smooth your bottom piece of fabric down.  

Next apply the fabric to each short side, or the side with the handles.  Start by cutting slits where the handle notch is, and then cut across the middle section, making it shorter.  
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Then apply decoupage, and stick in into place.  Now make three slits on each end.  This way the fabric will wrap around the notches smoothly.  
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Apply glue to the plastic container, and then smooth the flaps down.  Start at the top and work your way down.  Leave the flap over the bottom until you glue down the other side first.  Glue the bottom down before moving on to the other side, and or the long sides.    

After your are done the short sides, you can move on to the long sides.  Apply the long sides the same way you did the short sides.  Attach the fabric to the lid last.  Then apply a thin layer of decoupage over all of the fabric.  

Now make dividers out of cardboard.  I wrapped mine in black gaff tape to make them a little more substantial.   Also cut out a bunch of hearts, these will be your tabs.  

Now get out your seeds, and organize them into two different groups.  The first group is of seeds you start inside, and the other group are the seeds you start outside.  

Then write different seed groups on the hearts, and glue them to the cardboard dividers.  Alphabetize the seeds in each section and place them in your new container!  

Happy DIYing!