Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thanks Honestly ... WTF.

I borrowed today's DIY from one of my favorite blogs Honestly ... WTF.  I tried out Erica's DIY Woven Chain Bracelet.  I recently received this purse from Mod Cloth:
Sorry, this little gem is no longer available.  
I love the purse, but chain seems to just get in the way.  After seeing Erica's post I knew I'd have to try out her bracelet idea with the chain from my purse.   I easily enough pulled the leather bit that was looped through the links off the chain.  Then I removed three links, and reattached the clasp.  I also measured out my embroidery thread, and knotted my three colors together.  Then I used a safety pin and a paper clip to hold my thread down on a pillow.  

Now this is where I started following Erica's directions.  I'm going to direct you over to her site, cause she already did a great job writing out the how-to.

This is what my finished bracelet looked like on.  I want to try this again with a different type chain, and to play more with my colors.  

Happy DIYing!

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