Friday, January 20, 2012

Making A Standard Sized Envelope

Making A Standard Sized Envelope
- Ruler
- Pencil & Eraser
- Scissors
- Glue Stick
- Razor
- Scrapbook paper
- Old Map (or large magazine sheet, or wrapping paper, ect.)

Begin by tracing a card in the center of a scrapbook paper, or any similarly size and thickness paper.  This will be used as the template.

Next measure out the top flap for the envelope.  1)Start by measuring to the middle of rectangle.  2) Draw a line perpendicular from the center.  This line will be as long as one of the bisected section of the perpendicular line.  3) Now on each corner draw a 1/4" line up making a right angle.  4) Then center a 2.5" line over the center perpendicular line.  5) Now connect the corner lines up to the top line parallel to the center square.  You pretty much repeat the same process for the two side flaps, and bottom flap.  For the side flaps the top or point is only a 1/4" in length, instead of 2/5" like the top flap.  The bottom flap has a longer line on the top, and the middle perpendicular line is longer (three inches in length instead of 2.5").  

Now you can cut out the envelope template.  Then draw two windows for the address locations.  For my address I drew a 3"x1" rectangle, and for the receiver's address I traced the lid for a vaseline container.  I used a razor to cut the windows out.  

We have finished the template now, and we can start cutting out the pieces for the envelope.  I used a map for the outside layer, so I traced the template including the windows and cut them out.  I used one-sided scrapbook paper for the inside, I traced the template (but not the windows) and cut it out.  

Add glue to the edges of the map cutout, on the backside.  Then place the two pieces together, have the white side be showing through the windows.  Then on the inside of the envelope (in my piece it's the scrapbook paper), fold the flaps in.  I used a bone folder to score the fold lines before folding, this helps make the folding easier.  Fold the sides in first, then the bottom up.  After eyeballing where the bottom will fall over the side flaps add a line of glue on the inside of the bottom flap.  Then adhere the bottom flap to the side flaps.  

Now you can make as many envelopes as you'd like.  When you've done this once, you'll start seeing envelope material everywhere!  Experiment with your size and materials, and have fun!

Happy DIYing!