Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today I worked on November.  For this month I wanted to revisit a classic children's craft - the paper turkey.  I'm sure anyone who attended public elementary school in the US made one of these at least once.   To start I cut out all my turkey pieces, 17 feathers, one rainbow shape, one circle with a flat bottom.  one turkey head & neck, one beak, and one wing.  

Second, I glued all the feathers down to the scrapbook paper.  Starting on the bottom and working my way toward the center.  Glue one feather down on the left, than one the right to keep things symmetrical. 

Then, I wrapped maroon yarn, one brown, and one black embroidery thread around the rainbow shape.  I taped down the ends on the back.  When that was done I hot glued that overtop of the feathers.  

Next, I glued the neck to the circle, then the beak to the head, and the wing to the body.  Then I hot glued the front part of the turkey to the yarn.  

Finally, I wrote 'November' out in gold glitter glue.  

Happy DIYing!