Sunday, January 8, 2012


For the change of seasons in September I wanted to try a different technique.  First, I started with a piece of white fabric, about 12 inches by 22 inches in size.  I ironed the fabric flat.  Then, I placed two 4 x 5 inch blocks on top of them centering each block.  I then used black ink to trace around both blocks.  I let the outside edge be messy, but made sure there would be a crisp edge on the inside.  Then, I removed the blocks leaving two clean white apertures.  

After the black ink dried I used brown, red, and green pens to doodle an image for September.  I used the bottom square to test how the pens looked on the white fabric before starting in the top square.  When I felt comfortable, I started with the brown pen working in the corners.  

I wrote out 'September' in green ink.

Then, I filled in the borders so that there wasn't any white space left around the letters.  Once the drawing was complete I cut out the top square with an inch border.   Then I glued the piece of fabric down on the scrapbook paper for September.  

Happy DIYing!