Wednesday, January 4, 2012

May Flowers

Today I thumbed through one of my favorite books The Ultimate Card Maker, and got some great ideas.  I associate May with flowers, which makes sense as the saying goes "April showers bring May flowers".  I combined a couple ideas in the book to make my flowers.  

First I cut the ribbons that would be the stems.  I cut three stems each around four and an half inches long, I made the middle stem slightly shorter.  Then I folded a length of two inch ribbon in half, and taped that down where I wanted the stem for the flower to go.  The doubled over ribbon will be the leafs.  Make sure to use tape that is thin enough to be covered by your stem ribbon, you can always cut wider tape down.  

Then glue the stem ribbon down on top of the leaf.  Use only a small dab at each end and the middle of the ribbon.  

Then I cut out three cup sized circles out in three different colors.  On the back of each circle I drew similar petal patterns and cut them out.  Then I glued each flower down.

For the center flower I used four strands of ribbon in between the two paper flowers.  I glued the center of the ribbon down in the center of the flower, nice side down.  

I then used a flower punch to be the center of my flowers. Then I hot glued each ribbon end into the center, on top of each other.  Once all the ribbons were folded in I hot glued the flower punch over top of everything, and glued the other two punches down on the outside flowers. 

  I spelled out 'May' with the center of the flowers after everything was in place.  It would have been better if I had done that before hand, but it still looks awesome!  

Happy DIYing!