Friday, February 3, 2012

Kitty Window Perch

For today's DIY I wanted to do something for my cat.  She loves to look out the window, but there aren't any great kitty perches in the rooms she likes to occupy.  i wanted to put up a shelf for her, but I wanted to add some padding so it would be soft and warm to sit on.  This project cost me a total of three dollars!

- Small Ikea shelf
- 2 Ikea shelf brackets
- 1 Urban Outfitters' reusable shopping bag
- Batting
- Needle & thread
- Scissors
- Staple Gun
- Proper screws and screw driver

Start by folding your batting to fit over your shelf.  Double it over once or twice to make a soft cushion.  Then center inside the Urban Outfitters' reusable shopping bag.  Stitch along the seam to hold the batting in place.  Now fold the handles in, and sew the top closed.  

Place the bag pillow on the ground, and center the shelf over it placing it down on top of it.  Pull the sides of the bag around the side facing you, and staple down both edges.  If you  have trouble with the staples going through, use a hammer to finish the job. 

Now attach one of the ikea brackets an inch from the end. 

Next attach the other bracket.

Finally, attach the shelf under the window with the proper screws and screw gun.  Use the window to keep it level.

Now you kitty can enjoy!

Look outside and look oh so cute.

Or easier head level kitty lovin'!  

Hope you enjoyed!  Happy DIYing!