Thursday, February 2, 2012

Large Candle Upgrade

Today was my first full day of work this year.  I photographed 267 different people today!  It's kinda hard to get back into the groove of things.  Tomorrow I have to wake up at 4AM for my job!  Thus, I needed today's DIY to be simple, and not too time consuming.  My husband works at Pier1, and he was able to get these two gigantic candles superbly discounted.  They are on the boring side of things though, so I decided to add some character to one for now.  

Here is what the candle looked like to start off:

Then I made a pattern on the bottom with some silver tacks.  I've had these tacks lying around since college.  I graduated in 2006, and they've just been sitting in their container since then!  I even moved them from Vermont, to Delaware, to California, and back to Delaware again!  It's good they've finally found some use! 

 The real crafty part was carving the flower in the wax!  I used this tool I have that I don't know what it is, but it's super useful.  There is a construction tool called an awl, and it's similar to that but pointier.  This makes a lot of wax shavings.  Making this on the messy side of crafty-fun-time-projects.  

Hope you enjoyed!  Happy DIYing!