Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January In Numbers!

Today, I focused on organizing my blog.  I didn't put much thought into organizing when I started this thing, and so it took a long time to sort through it all.  I added a few tabs to the top.  Hopefully this will help people navigate around my site.  Maybe I'll get a little more action now!  Ha!  On the blog silly!  

I'm not computer illiterate, but I wouldn't describe myself as blog savvy.  I have big ideas of how I would like this place to look, but I do what I can.  I'm sure there was probably a better way to organize my tabs, but it was the first way I came up with.  I added a page for each category I wanted to sort all my DIY posts into.   Then, on each page I added a photo of the finished project and a link to the DIY post.  Not all of my projects made it into a tab.  I haven't decided what I want to do about that.  I may just let it go.  Eventually I will have a ton of things in each of these categories, and the couple I missed at the beginning wont be noticed.  

I also spent the day working on some photo collages.  I've noticed on some blogs and on pinterest, that the widely distributed photos tend to be well put together photo montages explaining their how-to process.  I also discovered Julie Kirk's My Month In Numbers board, and that got my brain going.  Which lead me to making some collages to demonstrate my numbers.  So here is my first try at "My Month in Numbers"

- 31 blog posts, one everyday, which resulted in ...
- 18 completed projects!

- 5 is the number of months my cat has survived her cancer diagnosis.  We are so happy to still have her with us!  When she was diagnosed, she was only given 2-3 months, and six months as a best case super unlikely scenario.  She still has an appetite, and doesn't spend the whole day sleeping, so we are really hoping she can at least make it to her six month mark.  She has lived a pretty great full life, so when it is her time we are prepared to let her go.  Though it will be beyond hard either way.  We adopted her from a shelter in november of 2007.  The shelter guessed her to be around 7-9 years old.  She is an amazing cat that loves to cuddle, comes when she's called, likes to do tricks, and told how beautiful she is.  We cherish every day we get with her.  
- 90 is the dollar amount I was able to lower my monthly car payments by refinancing my car loan.  
-It took 4 banks to find a person to person interaction to refinance my car, instead of that terrible over-the-phone service it seems every other bank has to offer.  
-270 miles I've been paid to drive for work. 
-10 the number of days I've worked this month.  I told you this is my slow season! 
-4 is how many schools I've gone to for work.  I'm a school photographer.  Some months I'll go to over 15 schools.  
-2 parties- my mom's birthday brunch, and my brother's graduation party.  
-84 is how old my grandfather turned this month.  

I think that is a good start!  Hope you all enjoyed.  Oh and I added some stamps to February's calendar.  

Happy DIYing!


Julie Kirk said...

Hi Chris.

Welcome aboard My Month in Numbers!

It's really interesting to hear you found it through Pinterest - good to know!

Your post is now on the Pinterest board alongside everyone else:

Thanks for joining in.

Julie :-)

Nathalie said...

Just came over from Julie's Pinterest board and I enjoyed reading your Month In Numbers. I loved how you did a recap of all the projects you created (and that was a lot!)

Unknown said...

Thanks Julie and Nathalie!