Monday, March 19, 2012

BLT Grilled Cheese

Aaron and I hung out with our good friends Kristen & James last night, and they had a magazine with 50 different grilled cheese recipes.  I woke up this morning salivating with grilled cheese ideas.  So I HAD to make some for this edition of Nom Nom Mondays!  After eating some breakfast, we headed over to this fantastic local farmer's market called Highland Orchards.  We bought some tasty fresh bread, farmer's cheese, a tomato, romaine lettuce, spinach, and some organic bacon.  

Aaron also picked out some broccoli and kohlrabi.  We started our broccoli a bit late, and only two of them came up.  Boo-hoo.  These look lovely though, so yay for local farmers!

We shared lunch with my mom, so I enlisted her help with slicing the bread.  My mom is dang skilled at slicing bread thinly and neatly by hand.  My slices always end up thick and uneven.  

Aaron slowly cooked up some bacon on medium/low heat.  We like our bacon crispy, so this was the longest step.  When the bacon was done we moved it to a plate with some paper towels, and we used the bacon grease to cook the sandwiches in.  Oh man, that was a key step there, that bread tasted phenomenal.  

We placed the bread in the bacon juices, and then layered on the farmer's cheese, tomato, bacon, and the other bread slice.   After about two minutes we flipped the sandwich.  
Once the bread was browned to our liking and the cheese was the perfect meltiness (that is definitely a real word), we sliced them in half and commenced eating!  

Perfect sandwich!  We will definitely be making these again.  Before packing it all in, I opened it up and slipped some of that lovely romaine in there too.  The bread and cheese and bacon and lettuce were all so prefect together, mmmmm.  I can't wait until we have some of our own tomatoes and lettuces to put on the sandwiches!

Here's Cricket Chicken wishing you a happy Nom Nom Monday, and happy DIYing!  Hope to see you tomorrow, chris.


Jennifer said...

Just found your blog, and I am really enjoying it. I wanted to let you know that your cat looks exactly like a cat I had. Such a sweet face. Brought back many happy memories! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Unknown said...

@Jennifer Awe, thank you Jennifer! I'm glad my cat could bring back some happy memories for you. It's amazing how animals can do that. :)