Monday, March 12, 2012

Buffalo Blue Cheese Biscuits

Here is another recipe for Nom Nom Monday.  Today's instructions are pretty random.  I didn't feel like buying any ingredients today, so I went with what we had in the house.  I had this roll of biscuits I wanted to use up, and a ball of buffalo blue cheese.  

I began by rolling the biscuits out, and then I gently laid them in a muffin sheet.  While I was doing this I had the oven heating up to 400º F.  

Then I scooped a tablespoon of the buffalo blue cheese ball into each cup.

This is where my creative really started to kick in.  I figured since the cheese was buffalo flavored, that celery would be the prefect accompaniment.  I cut the celery up in small squares.

Next I put a few celery bits in each cup.

I also have a ton of crushed plain ruffled potato chips, so I covered the cups with them as a topper.  

Then I stuck them in the oven for 8 minutes.    The biscuit part looked nice and toasty brown when I took them out.  

The biscuit made the prefect delivery system for the buffalo blue cheese.  This little concoction was pretty good, but I'm not sure I would buy the ingredients to make them specifically.  However, if I ever find myself in possession of a cheese ball again I will definitely be buying some biscuits to cook it into!!  

Hope ya'll are having a good Monday, happy DIYing!  chris.