Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photo an Hour

I've been seeing people doing a photo an hour for a day around the internet, and I thought that was a pretty great idea.  It's a fun exercise to get you in the practice of photographing the little stuff in life.  I decided to make this a little more of a challenge for myself, and finally switching my camera over to Manual Mode.  Another rule I made for myself was to only use the available light, no flash all day long.   I also pushed myself to use gimp to edit the photos together.  That way I didn't bombard ya'll with 15 individual photos.  Though I still used preview to add text, how terrible is that?!  I took these photos this past Sunday.

7AM- I love this little giraffe I keep my toothbrush in.  My husband has a lil' cow.
8AM- I was pretty pleased with this pic.  Makes me want a cup of coffee right now (even if it's almost 10PM)!
9AM- I wore a dress and little sweater from H&M, and my leggings are from American Apparel.  The duvet is from Ikea.
10AM- After reading Delightfully Tacky's post on using her self timer for self portraits I decided I *had* to get back into the habit of photographing myself.  This photo is my first attempt.

11AM- We needed to go to the mall to try to buy some new clothes.  I always make sure to give Cricket a snuggle before I go anywhere.
12PM- I talked about this on my post on Sunday.  I always have a terrible time finding black pants for work that are the correct length and width for my short legs.  I can't imagine these pants would look any good if I just had them hemmed.
1PM- My mom got me this camera bag for Christmas this past year.  It's from Jo Totes, beautifully made camera bags for stylish ladies.  The inside of my bag is padded, and black & white houndstooth!
2PM- I bought a cardigan and a pair of fingerless mitten gloves from Forever 21.  They were on sale, and I couldn't pass them up!  My husband got a pair of shorts from JcPenney.

3PM- Cricket begging for her dinner.  She eats at five.
4PM- Another attempt with the self timer.  I changed outfits too!   Now I'm wearing a sweater and tank top from H&M, and my jeans are from Urban Outfitters.  My shoes are converse slip-ons.  I love that you can see my mismatching socks in this pic.
5PM- This wacom tablet was a pain in the butt!  Turns out the pen was the problem, but I still can't get photoshop to work!  I must be tired too, because I just realized I add text to that photo that says 'wacom tablie'.  Opps!

6PM- All those wacom issues made me need to do some stretching.
7PM- I know this is a terrible thing, but I ate a WHOLE bowl of cereal AFTER dinner.  I guess there are worst things I could be eating at seven in the evening, like a double bacon cheeseburger!
8PM- Zoned out watching TV.  My PJ pants are from Target, my sweater was a gift from my husband's mum.  Melinda is a lovely lady, and I feel like I'm getting a big hug from her every time I wear this sweater.
9PM- I know I'm a wuss.  I feel asleep shortly after I took this pic.  If you can't tell I am sleeping with  a stuffed animal.  It's a soft bunny from Pier1 Imports.  My husband loves stuffed animals as much as I do, and it's kind of dangerous that he works at Pier1, because the stuffed animals are our favorite items there!

Well I hope ya'll enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed photographing them.  I'll definitely be doing a photo an hour again!  Not only is it a great way for me to work on my photography, but it's a great way for you (my readers) to get to know me better.  :)  Happy DIYing, chris!