Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Aaron and I went for a walk today.  We couldn't pass up another one of these beautiful days without spending some time in the sunshine together.  It was a pretty short walk though, because I kept stopping to take pictures.  
This is what the woods around us looks like.  It's beautiful even in the winter.  I love the big rocks everywhere.  When we lived out in California (where the hubby's from), I missed these forests everyday. 

Aaron posed while I worked on the camera settings for him to take some pics of me.  Aaron has the opposite problem with pant buying from me.  His pants and long sleeved shirts tend to be too short.  He's a tall dude at six foot four.  
He took this photo.  Spring has sprung!  

I love to take close up pics of rocks.  I could fill a computer with just images of rocks.  

We parked right next to this horse farm.  I used to live two doors down from this place from thirteen to seventeen.  

So many flowers out right now!  I'm okay that our winter was light this year, because it was ridiculous the year before.    

I also worked on my owl patch today.  I had to remove the elbow patch from the one arm and reattach it, because I had let it slide off place while sewing it.  I'm kind of glad I did though cause I decided to add another layer of the body felt for some extra strength.  The placement seems to be much better now too.  I think starting on the bottom instead of the top helped too.  Well I want to get back to sewing those guys on.  I'll catch ya'll later, happy DIYing, chris!