Thursday, March 15, 2012

Painted Wooden Frame

The weather has been great here.  The past few days have been sunny and in the mid 60ºs (F)!  I can't believe it's only March!  Last year at this time it was cold and rainy in Delaware.  With all this great weather I wanted to do something outside, and spray painting sounded like the perfect DIY for today.  I've had this cheap wooden frame floating around for a few years.  So today I finally decided to give it a coat of paint to spruce it up a bit.  

I turned this plain wooden frame into this lovely painted frame!

What I used for this project was a large drop cloth, a cheap wooden frame, a sheet of medium grit sandpaper, rubber gloves, spray paint, and a moist towel.  

Begin by lightly sanding the frame.  I used a medium weight sandpaper for this project.  This will help the paint bind to the wood, and hopefully prevent future chipping.  

Next, wipe down the frame with a moist towel to remove all the dust bits you've just created.  

Now you are ready to spray the frame (as long as the frame isn't still wet).  Make sure to follow the directions on your spray paint can.  I like to use rubber gloves so that the spray paint doesn't get all over my fingers.  Spray your frame from every angle you can comfortably (and safely) maneuver around it.   Spray the back first, and then let the frame dry for about an hour or two.  Once the frame is not tacky to touch you can turn it over and spray the back.  

When the frame is completely done drying you can put a piece of art or a family photo in it.  I framed a handmade piece of paper.  I embossed this paper with two lace dollies when I was drying it.  To complete this piece I used some acrylic paint to color in the dollies.  I love the color of the frame with this handmade paper piece I created.  I used cardboard to back my paper, because I like how it complements the edges and color of my handmade paper.  

Hope ya'll enjoyed today's project.  Is it unusually warm where you live?  Does the sun get you out of the house with your DIY projects?  Happy DIYing, chris!