Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hanging your Jewelry

Today I'm organizing my jewelry, because this is what it looks like right now!  All my necklaces and headbands are bunched together in that lunchbox, and my earring and bracelets are in those stacked round containers.  
These are the three tools you'll need to get the job done, oh and you'll need a square of peg board.  My husband and I used an 1/16th bit to drill the thread holes for the hooks.  I bought the mug hooks at JoanAnn Fabrics for $3.50, and that was the only thing I needed to buy for this project!
I marked where I wanted my hooks to go, my husband drilled the holes out for me, and then I screwed in the hooks, and hung the jewelry.  I just filled in the pieces as we went.  I know there are a ton of different ideas for hanging your jewelry on the internet, but I thought this would give me the most freedom to fill in as I buy stuff, or give stuff away.  

Here is a close up of the peg board with my hanging earrings.  I love mismatching earrings, that troll earring and the parrot are two of my favorites (though I'd never wear them together).  This was the most difficult part, but it's still extra simple.  Start with either hook wherever you'd want the pegboard to hang.  Use the level to figure out where to hang the other hook.  

Here's a good view of the hook in the wall.  Don't worry I only hung my fake pearls on the wall. :)

I kept my headbands in the lunchbox.  I also have some pins, my backup hair things and chap stick in there.  Oh and those matches are from our honeymoon, we loved the restaurant they're from, Irene's.  My lunchbox has a lot of rust though, I need to do a DIY on this!!  Happy DIYing, chris.