Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh Happy Day

I'm tired, so I'm going to post about my blogger-love post from the past saturday, that I didn't get a chance to put up.  I borrowed Oh Happy Day's elephant Valentine's Day card and envelop idea.  I love cutout cards, and her elephant is just the cutest thing!  Plus I have some plain orange envelopes I'd like to jazz up.  

I began by trying to stamp an envelope that I already had.  This first attempt smudged.  I have this trouble with this particular ink pad a lot, I'm not sure why I keep trying to use it.  

To make my elephant template I cut a piece of notecard the same size the envelope.  Then I drew an elephant on it like Oh Happy Day's, and then cut it out.  I then picked out a piece of handmade paper to use for the actual card.  I traced my template and cut out the elephant.  I used an awl to make the eye hole, and a razor blade to cut out the ear.  I curled the ear around a pencil to give it some shape.    

Then I stamped 'happy birthday' on it.

This is how the envelope and elephant look together.

This is what I wrote on the back.  Thought it was cute for a belated birthday card.  Hope ya'll enjoyed, happy DIYing! chris.

EDIT: I was extra tired when I first wrote this.   I even spelled my name wrong!  I went back and fixed all my spelling errors, and added a little more detail.