Thursday, March 8, 2012

Owlbow Patches

I've had these Owlbow Patches on my mind since the beginning of February.  I finally got them started today!  
I began by drawing out the template for the owls on card stock.  I drew the body, and then cut it out and kept tracing the body to draw the other parts in.  Then I cut out each piece, so that I would be able to trace the same template twice.  

Now I used card stock templates to trace the parts out on felt in different colors.  I used eight different colors.  I laid them all out as I went, to make sure they looked good.  To keep everything in place I used embroidery thread, before I started sewing though I used a little glue to help keep things from falling off track.  I sewed the small black circles to the large grey eye circles with green thread first.  Next I sewed on the nose with white thread to match the nose felt, and the same for the bottom belly piece.  

For the belly I started at the bottom, and only sewed a straight line across the top.  Except for the top belly felt I tried something more playful.  

I liked the look of the lighter thread on the top stomach piece, so I followed that trend on the wings.  I only sewed the inside, because the outside with be sewn when I sew the patch to my sweater.  

Once I was ready to attach the patch I put on the sweater I was attaching it too and used four pins to secure the patch in place.  

This is how much I was able to get sewn today.  I still have a lot to go!  I hope I'm able to finish this project over the weekend.  I need to go to bed though, because I have an early day tomorrow.  Happy DIYing, chris.

EDIT:  Just wanted to check in to show how the elbow patches turned out.