Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A New Attempt at a Nail-Do

A while back I said I wouldn't post another nail-do post.  I tend to have a lot more frustrations with painting my nails, than I have successes.  However, today I was actually successful in pulling off a really cute paint job on my nails!  

I'm totally loving this look!  I didn't even realize when I got dressed in the dark at five this morning I picked out an outfit that matched my nails perfectly.  My sweater matched the bottom coat which is Sally Hansen's Mint Xtreme wear nail polish.  

You can't see in these photos, but I have a tank top on that matches the triangles (Sally's The Real Teal).  I made the triangles with masking tape.  I finally learned that it is completely essential that your bottom coat of paint be dry before applying the tape.  It may even be wise to just paint your nails a solid color and go for that look for a day, and then add the triangles later.  You could even use the triangles to give new life to old chipping nail-dos.  

I made the pink dots with Sally's Bubblegum Pink, which was perfect with my work polo.  I dabbed the nail paint brush on a piece of junk mail, then I dipped a paper clip into the wet paint splotch, and used that to apply the pink to my nails.  Super simple, even I could pull this off!  I love these colors together, I'm so glad I bought these.  Maybe one day I buy grown up nail polish from Ulta, like some China glaze ... 

or maybe this Butter stuff. :)  

Well hope ya'll enjoyed.  I have a super long day tomorrow.  Not sure how much I will feel like posting when I get home.  Until then, happy DIYing, chris!  

P.S.  If you want better instructions on how to paint triangles on your nails, check out this post Dainty Squid did a while back.  I found it while I was trying to get some nail photo inspiration.