Sunday, March 4, 2012

Simple Handmade Soap

I was looking forward to this project all week!  I've made soap before, but it's been a LOOONG time.  Probably close to a decade!  It feels kind of like cheating calling this soap making though.  All I really did was melt some soap, added some things to it, and then remolded it.  

All you'll need to make soap is some clear or white glycerin (I bought mine from Michael's), food coloring, essential oils, and a mold.  

The first batch I whipped up I melted three blocks of white glycerin for each heart mold (follow directions on the packaging).  After melting I added in my scents and dyes.  The first three I used three to five drops of the blue dye.  One of the soaps I added a couple drops of eucalyptus, and the other two I used an apple scent.  The other three I used a yellow dye, and for the first one I used five drops, and then the next one I used only three drops, and the last one I used just one drop.  For the scent on the yellow soaps I used vanilla.  Just stir them in with a wooden skewer, and then pour into silicone heart mold.  

The next two soap mixes I got the recipes from Martha Stewart's website.  The second batch I mixed up I used 6 blocks of clear glycerin, a tablespoon of honey, and a sprinkle of ginger powder.  The third batch I used the same recipe, but I also added two tablespoons of oatmeal.  I used yogurt, fruit cups,  and cottage cheese containers for molds with these two soap mixtures.  

This is what all my soap looked like together. 

 I really like the honey, ginger, and oatmeal batch.  Smells nice and it's pretty!  Yogurt and fruit cups make prefect molds.  

I guess I need to make an entry about packaging the soap sometime soon.  I'm sure I have some ideas up my sleeve for that project.  Tomorrow I'll have another tasty recipe for ya'll to enjoy.  Happy DIYing, chris!