Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hammerhead Print

I want to begin by wishing Jessica (my sister-in-law) a Happy Birthday!!!  

I also finished my hammerhead lino cut this morning.  I also found my old stencil to compare it to.  

In the afternoon I printed my linoleum block.  I used a sheet of glass to roll out some white paint on, and I used a 3.5 inch brayer to roll the ink onto the hammerhead.  I used a piece of paper I had been storing since my college days.  It has photo chemicals smeared on the surface!

Then I used my small press to print the block.  I laid the paper down, and then I placed the block on top the the paper.  I centered the block under the center of the press, and then cracked the pressure.  

This is how he turned out!  I love the ghostly unevenness to the print.  

Next I used a straw to add some bubbles floating up from the hammerhead.

To complete it I made smaller dots with the back end of a cheap plastic paint brush around the large dots.  

I was going to do my Saturday Blogger Love post today too, but it's already eight in the evening, so I might skip it this week.  I'm pretty sure that only means that next week I'll do two blogger appreciation posts!  Can't wait, I've got some great ideas planned for this coming week!  I'm sticking to making some soap tomorrow.  I've been looking forward to this project all week!  Until then, happy DIYing, chris!