Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stickers & Stencils

I want to share two of my little collections today.  I love stickers and stencils.  I'll save a sheet of stickers for years and years, and stencils are great because they can be used over and over again forever.  

I keep my stencils in this plastic suitcase.  I got it when I was a kid.  Rose Art made it for a mass collection of stickers and stationary.  I put the stickers on the front when I bought it.  For some reason I haven't added any new stickers since then.  Maybe I should do that after this post!

These are a few of my favorite stencils.  I love to use strange found items as stencils like that octopus, he is meant to be a book marker.  There are more awesome stencils that go with the set of four that match in the upper right pic.  They came from a Tupperware party my mom hosted when I was a kid.  I have a hard time resisting buying architectural stencils.  Did you have a Spirograph?  I kept mine, and the book too.  :)  

I keep my stickers in a three ring binder from Office Depot.  I separate them in clear plastic sleeves.  I hoard stickers, and love to find new places to buy them.  I barely ever use my stickers.  I don't want to use them and then wear them out or never see them again.  Yet I still want to buy more, even though they mostly just sit in this binder.  

This is a good representation of the mixture I have.  On the top left are stickers from Shop Kawaii.  Fantastic shop for cute things.  I also bought folders from there, but they were stolen!  They sell all sorts of things, little bags, mugs, stationary, notebooks, and other awesome cute office/home things.  The top right stickers are from my first cross country trip with my mom.  We stopped at the Biltmore Estate, and I bought these as my momentum.  The bottom left is my Christmas Paperchase stickers.  I absolutely love Paperchase products.  I wish that they were more widely available in the states.  The bottom right stickers are my favorite animal/insect stickers I own.  The animal stickers on the top are puffy.  I was given them as a present, and I'm not sure I will ever use them.  I love them too much to use them (maybe I could frame them)!  Those insect stickers are just plain awesome!  They came from a big pack of scrapbook stickers I got on sale from Michael's a few years back.  

I've saved both of these stickers for a LOOOONG time.  I don't think I need to explain the Care Bears or My Little Ponies stickers.  The gold toilets are my absolute all time favorite.  They are from a Rugrat's book, about Tommy learning how to use the potty.  

Hope you enjoyed my little collections.  I got the idea to share this collection from one of my favorite blogs The Dainty Squid.  Happy DIYing, chris.