Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Berry Sweet Tea

I'm ready for long hot days in the sun, and cold sweet fruity drinks!  I love tea, and in the winter I like it hot and unadulterated with sugar or milk.  However, in the summer I revert to my days as a kid craving sweaty glasses of sweet tea.  Since my taste in tea has matured, so has my taste for sweet tea.  Lipton's powder mix will no longer suffice.  This past weekend I mixed up this little number, and I'm in sweet tea heaven!  

The leftover strawberries from yesterday's Strawberry and Cream Muffins was the main motivation behind this recipe idea.  I wanted to add a little more fruit to my tea, so I also bought some lemons and blackberries.  I started off by making 8 cups of hot tea with Lipton's Organic Black Tea bags (one bag for each cup of water).  While it was hot I added a cup of sugar, and let it dissolve.  

While the tea was steeping and the sugar melting, I cut the strawberries and blackberries into small bits.  Next, I cut a lemon in half, and then I cut two slices into small triangles.  I squeezed the lemon halves into the hot tea, and let the wedges float on top.  

Once everything was ready, I put four ice cubes in a glass and poured the tea over them.  I dropped a handful of the berries into the cup and squeezed some honey over them.  I can never get enough honey!  Mmm, this tea is tasty.  I will be drinking this all summer long!  If you don't like your tea to be super sweet, you can skip the sugar, and just add some honey to each glass when serving.  

Happy Tuesday and happy DIYing, chris 


Wild Maple Wool said...

Aaahhhh I love your blog! I just stumbled upon it! What a great idea! 365 DIY! I also LOVE the colors of your blog! Great eye!

Samantha {Woodland Woolens}

Unknown said...

@Woodland Woolens Awe, thank you Samantha! Your comment really brightened my day!

Happy DIYing, chris!