Thursday, April 12, 2012

Doggies and The Grandparent's

I need a little break from the Wedding Anniversary Series I've been posting.  Things have been really stressful here, and I need some cute happy pictures.  Here are some of the adorable dogs my family owns.  I snapped these photos on Easter.  There were three dogs there, but sadly I didn't get any photos of my uncle's dog.  

This is my aunt and my cousin's dogs.  I love watching dogs play!  My cousin's dog in the back is making an awesome face at my aunt's dog.  My aunt's dog is so perfectly happy.  She was hard to photograph, because she's a fast little lady.  I was please to get a tongue photo of the lil' girlie.  

My cousin's dog Bella was a little model.  

See here she goes again. 

And again with a lil' tongue this time. Aren't those baby blues beautiful?  My family owns some cute doggies!  

Here are my grandparent's.  I love them tons.  I lived in this house with them for a few years, and I spent pretty much every summer until college at their house.  I wish I visited them more.  I used to hang out with my grandmother all the time when I was a kid.  I have many fond memories of time spent with her.  It's hard now.  She's hard of hearing, and has tons of health problems, which makes it hard for her to get around.  She's still a beautiful woman at 81, she'll be 82 in June!  

This is the only photo I got of all three dogs.  I was sad about that, but this was only the first of many opportunities I hope to have to photograph them all together.  Plus my uncle asked if I could take some photos of his pup jumping, because he is a fantastic jumper.  You can kind of see him hiding in the back there.  

I took some super cute photos of my niece too, but I didn't give myself enough time to ask permission from her parent's to use them (hope I didn't need to ask permission to post photos of the doggies ... I never know what is kosher with t his sort of thing) .  Opps!  That's okay, puppies and babies would be too much cute!  

Well, those cute dog pics definitely helped make me smile a little, which I definitely need to do more right now.  Hope they lightened your day too, happy DIYing, chris!