Thursday, April 26, 2012

Old Photos of Me

Last month I did a post of some scanned photos of me as a little kid up to the end of high school.  I said I was going to make a post of photos of me after college, and here it finally is.  

I took this photo of myself during my second year of college.  I don't seem to have many photos from my first year of college.  Near the end of my first year a friend cut my hair short, and it stayed that way for awhile.  

This photo is from my first time abroad in London.  I'm not sure when I dyed my hair blond.  I started experimenting with dying my hair when I was 13.  I've tried greens, blues, pinks, purples, reds, and black.  

This is from my last year of college.  My hair is half red and half black.  I loved this dye job.
This photo is the perfect representation of me in college.  Those are really glasses, not for a coolness factor.  I'm simply not that hip.  :)

I got mono during my second to last semester of college, and had to leave school a couple weeks before the end of the semester.  i almost didn't graduate on time.  It was a super stressful time, and this photo is from the night before I left Vermont to go home to Delaware will mono.  Those are my friend Adriana's arms, helping hold up the necessities of mono -- saltines and graham crackers.  

This photo is from my last semester at college.  I cut the collar off of this t-shirt, and made it a pretty v-neck, and I free-hand painted the 'C' on the front.  I'm wearing the pink scarf from the mono photo on my head.  

This is my hair while I was working at Idyllwild Arts Summer Camp after college, where I met Aaron.  My hair actually dreads pretty much on it's own.  I just need to wash it every day, and not condition or brush.  Though the side of my hair that I was dying black stayed silky, so I had half a head of dreadlocks.  This hair style didn't last long though, because my scalp got so itchy. Not because I was dirty, but because it was too hard to wash out all the shampoo, and it would dry my scalp out.  

This is me driving across the states with my mom.  Aviators and Wayfarers are my favorite style of sunglasses.  I miss that t-shirt.  It was the perfect softness, and I got it for free.  In college the houses on campus had what we called 'free piles', and it was stuff students living in the house didn't want, but thought was still useful.  I loved walking around campus and checking out the free piles.  Best thrifting ever!  

Aaron took this photo of me when we took a drive up to San Francisco one long weekend.  This is how my hair looked not long after cutting my dreadlocks off.  Those are sea lions in the background.  

Once my hair grew back in I just kept letting it grow.  I kept dying half of it black for a long time.  I really like asymmetrical hair.  

Then I realized I could save some money if I stopped dying my hair. I let my hair go all natural, as seen in the above photo.

Then I couldn't take it, and cut off one side.  I took this photo of myself with my work equipment for our Spring photo setup from 2010.  I started getting my hair cut asymmetrically like this back in 2009.  With the first cut I got a little blond patch dyed in my bangs and a bit on the long side, but I haven't dyed my hair since then.  The short side grows way too fast, and I'm cheap so I mostly keep that side shoulder length now, and the long side comes to my mid-back.  I've been feeling like it's time to change my hair, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it.  

Hope ya'll enjoyed seeing some old photos of me, happy DIYing, chris.