Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Blogger Love #6

For this week's Saturday Blogger Love I want to highlight this YouTube video on how to make a gingham pattern in photoshop.  The music is perfectly cute, and it's an extra helpful photo editing trick.  Pugly Pixel made this little tutorial.  She has a fantastic website with great blogging, and photoshop tips and tutorials.  I don't have photoshop (yet), but I find I can adapt most of her tutorials to GIMP (which is free).  I usually figure if I can't adapted her photoshop tutorial to GIMP, it's not because it can't be done, but because I'm not completely GIMP or photoshop proficient.  

I've been having fun creating my patterns, and layering them together.  For my new Saturday Blogger Love banner I layered together a plaid pattern I made, and a polka dot pattern I made.  I lowered the opacity of the top layer to reveal the bottom layer until I was happy with the mix.  I want to replace all the terrible free patterns GIMP gives me,  with my own awesome creations!  I'm so happy I found Pugly Pixel's video on how to do this!

I also love her tutorial on making detail circles.  I still have some learning to do, but It really adds something to the whole photo.  

She also has some great freebies too, like these tape strips.  Which I used for last weeks Saturday Blogger Love pic.  Makes me want to read her blog back to front, and tool around in GIMP all day.  I'm not sure sitting in front of the lappy for extended hours is a great idea though.  :)  My bum and hubby would be happy for me to get up and move around.  On that note I'm off to do something fun, which could be thrifting/antiquing before I have to work this evening.  I have to take pictures of a communion confirmation for work.  I'm not Catholic so I'm always mixing those two ceremonies up.  Have a happy Saturday ya'll, happy DIYing, chris.