Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wedding Anniversary Present

This is the outfit I got as a present for our one year wedding anniversary.  I wore it on Tuesday, it was super hot here in Delaware.  For this Saturday Blogger Love I wanted to try out Diversions' technique with cloning myself in an outfit pic.  I couldn't be more thrilled with the results.  It was way easy to do too!  I took my outfit pics with a tripod and self-timer as usual.  This time I tried to move around the frame and pose myself differently in each photo I planned on layering together.  In GIMP I layered all the photos together.  Erased the parts of the top layers that covered me up in the lower layers, and then there were four of me!  This photo definitely reflects my current mood.  I've been feeling cut adrift.  Caught in this strange dream space.  I want to do this cloning thing again!  Thanks Diversions!  

I bought this dress at a cute little local store at the Rehoboth Beach, called Super Kind. Which is where Aaron and I went for our anniversary.  I'll share some photos from our little beach adventure tomorrow. I love the colors and the pattern on the dress.  There is a silk slip attached as the bottom layer, and it makes me feel so girlie and pretty.   You can also see our two raised 4x4 garden beds.  The bed closest to the camera has four tomato plants, a Pink Ponderosa, Anise Noire, Cherokee Purple, and Riesentraube.   The back bed has a couple varieties of lettuce, some spinach, some chard, a Red Rock Mammoth Cabbage, and a broccoli plant.  

I love all the pretty flowers that are blooming right now.  It smells so good walking and driving around.  I love the smell of gardenias, and I can't wait until the honeysuckle starts!  

Love these colors together.  They matched perfectly with my dress, and I didn't even plan it!  

I usually hate photos of feet.  I'm not a foot person, but I had to show off how I painted my toe nails the color of the dots on my finger nails.  I love the feeling of grass or moss under my feet.  

One last photo of my nails, don't mind how awkwardly posed my hand is.  You can see my completed friendship bracelet in this photo.  I braided the end, and added some beads to finish it off.  Totally love it!  Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!  Happy DIYing, chris!