Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fascinations #6

Hey everyone!  Hope ya'll are having a great friday!  I have some great finds today, enjoy!

First off I have a beautiful DIY from Syl and Sam, a tutorial on feather nails.  I want to go buy feathers right now!  So pretty and simple, my type of DIY!  Syl and Sam have a fantastic blog, two cute girls with a lot of style and craftiness!  Plus they have extreme asymmetrical hairstyles, which I'm a HUGH fan of.  I found them via my newest addiction  I added a couple pics, if you want to check, you can find me at: 365DaysofDIY.
Another pretty lady I found via Chictopia, she goes by Infatuated on there, but she also has a lovely blog called Everybody Dies.  Totally cute fashion blog, and I adore her hair.

I've been pinning over these Anthropologie pants.  So cute.  I may not be willing to shell out the hundred bucks,  but if I find yellow skinny jeans I might DIY white polka dots on them. I'm on the look out.  Target had some, but by the time I got there they only had one pair, two sizes to small.  Dang!  Part of me wants to buy them, because they are DEEPLY discounted (originally $218!), and I know the quality will be AMAZING.  On the other hand I have a hard time spending that much on one piece of clothing.

This pair of Free People sandals would be so cute with the polka dot pants!  I guess I'm really loving yellow this spring.  I don't have much yellow in my wardrobe, but I'm really digging it lately.

These two drawings are by Abby over on Ink, paint, and feathers.  Her work is beautiful.  I want one to hang on a wall, and a tattoo of one!  I've wanted a bird tattoo for a long long while, but I've had trouble finding the right art for the emotion the tattoo would hold for me.  I love her use of color and ink.  These pieces are so lovely, I have a hard time finding the words to describe how gorgeous they are.

My last find is a super fun product I recently came across, Fridge Magnets!  The top three are full refrigerator magnets, and they cost around $125, but the bottom individual magnets can range from $40 - $80.  Not bad to add a little fun in the kitchen.  They have just about anything you could think of, images of food, images of pretty people, or pretty places.  I think these are my five faves, but I'm sure I could easily make a list of ten!

I need to feed the dog, and then think about what us people are going to eat.  Have a good friday, and happy DIYing, chris!