Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dog Show!

Yesterday was my old dog, Scruffy's birthday.  He turned sixteen!  Woah.  We didn't do anything, but maybe he got an extra treat. In the name of all things dog, here are some photos from the dog show Aaron & I went to at the end of April.  I mentioned it in this post, where I updated an old dog brooch.  
 Love the look on this dog owner's face!  Irish wolfhounds are beautiful dogs.  I absolutely love giant dogs.  I want a wolfhound, or great dane, or a scottish deerhound, or a neapolitan mastiff.  :)
 They are such majestical beast.  I mean check out this lady standing next to this giant doggie.  I want a dog to stand taller than me!
 I loved the way the lady on the end was dressed.  I hope I'm that snazzy, when I'm her age!  I love miniature schnauzer beards.  Two years ago my mom and I  randomly helped one of the schnauzer shower's hold their extra dogs.  They are fun dogs.
 This lady was a fun dresser too.  Apparently yellow was the color of the day.
 I love catching the dog owner's looking at me.  This lady's dog is gorgeous.  This breed is the chinese crested, which I'm used to seeing the hairless variety, but they also come in powderpuff, which means they have long silky hair.  So cute with hair!  Who knew!
 This husky was a champ, and I got a big kiss from him!  The pup I grew up with was part husky part wolf, so I'm always partial to this breed.  
 I totally want a frenchie.  I love the ridiculous noises they make.  Too bad they have so many health issues, and cost a few grand!
 I like them in brindle and black best.  I love sitting out in the sun watching dogs all day.  Great way to spend a sunday in my eyes.  Next year we'll be able to bring our pup moose.  Can't wait!

Hope ya'll are having a great Thursday, and happy DIYing, chris!