Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garden Update

Today I want to share with ya'll how my garden is coming along thus far.  It's been such a warm spring, so everything is growing like gang busters.  Did I really just say that?  Am I 70 years old?
 Two Purple Beauty Pepper plants.

Pepper plant from above.
 Mint and a two year old Douglas Fir.  Mint is super invasive, so it's important to grow it in a container, and not stick it directly in the ground.  We need to trim our mint, bad.
 This has lettuce, oregano, broccoli and thyme.  The thyme is clearly doing best.  This is it's second year, it came back all on it's own this spring.  We already have tiny broccoli heads!

Love how this pretty lettuce looks with the sun shining through it's supple leaves.
Broccoli from above.  This one is so big, but not head yet!

Thyme, parsley that is going to seed, kohlrabi, and a tiny bit of dill.  That thyme is everywhere!  We have a TON in a box out back.  I need to dry it out, and fill my thyme mason jar.
 Tomato plants on the steps.  Those black pots are called Smart Pots, they are made of fabric, and are quite possibly the best containers to grow in on the market.
This big wooden barrel Aaron got for free from work.  His boss at Pier1 was planning on throwing them away!
 Look at this amazing root system!  We had to break this guy out of his container to plant him in the above planter.
 We have nine heirloom tomatoes in this section of the garden!  Plus a bunch of lettuce, carrots, some spinach, and a broccoli.  We tried some swiss chard, but it doesn't seem to be doing too well.
One of the broccoli leaves.  Love the droplets, especially the ones running along the purple stem. 

That's our garden!  I can't wait until we can eat tomatoes freshly picked off the vine.  What is your favorite veggie to grow?  Happy DIYing and gardening, chris!