Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aaron!!!

Wow, May really snuck up on me.  Since yesterday was Monday I didn't do an April wrap-up, and I'm going to skip it again, because ... today is Aaron's BIRTHDAY! Yay, Aaron!  I love him bunches!  I'm happy to be with him for another birthday, and I look forward to many more in the years to come!  

Aaron's mom makes a fantastic cake, any kind - she can bake it.  So of course Aaron has a favorite cake recipe, and it's yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  It's mostly about the frosting, Melinda (my mother-in-law) has the most amazing frosting recipe.  While we lived with them out in California (where Aaron's from) she taught me how to make a sheet cake with her fantastic frosting.  For the first time, I attempted to make a layered cake.

I think I did pretty dang good for my first time.  I also attempted those cute 'happy birthday' banners too.  I've been seeing them around the internet a lot, and they were easy to make.  Plus we only had one candle, but I did have all the stuff to make the bunting.  

I've made cake from scratch before, but usually red velvet, so the yellow cake from scratch was another first.  My mom told me I should enter a contest with my cake, but she usually likes everything having to do with chocolate.  :)  Everyone agreed it was good.  I thought it was a nice creamy flavor, and very moist.  Definitely different from my usual Duncan Hines box mix.  Another baking tip Melinda taught me, Duncan is the best box mix, and I totally agree.  

On a similar topic I also worked on my May calendar today.

As usually with my LARGE family there are a lot of birthdays. Happy B-day Aaron, Happy Birthday Chris Helmerson (my brother on the 9th), Happy B-day Regina (my cousin on the 16th, and Happy Birthday Michael (another cousin on the 18th)!!!!  Plus we can celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day.  I like how Cinco de Mayo's day turned out.  

Here is the top of my May calendar

Until tomorrow, Happy DIYing, chris.