Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Wrap-up

Here is a look back at April:

My One Year Wedding Anniversary was on the 16th! I did a series of posts on How We Met, our Wedding Stationary, our Wedding Cupcake Toppers plus a Pinwheel DIY, our Wedding Decor, the Wedding Ceremony Decorations, our Wedding Guestbook, some Wedding and Honeymoon (New York & New Orleans) photos, and ended it with our Mini Wedding Anniversary Staycation.  

We celebrated Easter with some dino dyed easter eggs, a cute outfit post with bunny plushies, and  we hung out with some cute doggies!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our wonderful kitty Cricket.  I still miss her everyday.  

I posted a couple outfit posts including my wedding anniversary present, what I wore on our mini staycation.  I also posted another Photo an Hour, and more pictures of me from my previous years.  

Not much on the DIY front this month.  I'm sorry, that seems awful to go against my namesake.  I was DIYing just nothing blog worthy.  I did manage to sneak this awesome dog brooch in at the last second.  Plus the awesome Pinwheel DIY I posted as part of my wedding anniversary series.  

Hope ya'll had a fantastic hump day, and Happy DIYing!  I promise there will be more DIY's this month, chris.