Thursday, May 3, 2012

Handmade Card

Trying to stick to my goal this month on posting more DIYs, so here is the birthday card (with envelope!) I made for Aaron.  I've made a variation of this before.  I got the idea from The Ultimate Cardmaker, which is a fantastic book on card making.  If you have any interest in cardmaking this book is a must buy.  This book will generate enough inspiration for years and years of card making.  

The book suggest using teabag folding papers.  I had never heard of that type of paper the first time I made this card.  Of course I googled it, and so I decided to cut origami paper into 1.5 inch squares.  
Step 1:  Cut origami paper into 1.5 inch squares.  You'll need 7.  
Step 2:  Fold the squares in half both ways.
Step 3:  Fold the squares on their diagonal.  
Step 4:  Pinch the middle in, and flatten into a triangle.  
Step 5:  On one side fold the the triangle arms under, making a square in the middle.  On the other side fold the tips that are sticking out back.
Step 6:  Make seven of these little guys.  For some reason only six made it into this photo ... opps.  
Step 7:  Now start attaching the seven squares together.  Begin by folding half of the top square back, and apply a quick drying glue.  Weave the next piece in by placing the triangle flap over your glue splotch, and press the top flap over the piece you placed over the glue.  
Step 8:  Keep repeating this process.  I found it was best to layer moving in a counterclockwise motion.  
Step 9: This is what it should look like before you slip in the last piece.  
Step 10:  Place the last piece the same way you did the other pieces, and then glue the other side in, but layer on top of the first piece.  
Glue the paper medallion down on a long card.  I made my card by folding some handmade paper in half, and taking a couple inches off the bottom.  I glued some twine and yarn under the bottom to make it kind of look like an award.  In the book they use ribbons, and I did that the first time I tried this, and it looked awesome too.  
When all the ribbons or string/twine are in place hot glue a button to the center.  Now you're card is complete.  I stamped 'happy birthday' across the top, and wrote a little love note on the inside.  

Now for making an envelope.  Once you learn this technique you can make an envelope for any handmade card, no template necessary.  
Step 1: Get a piece of scrapbook paper, and trace the card in the center of the paper.
Step 2:  Measure the width of your card, divide that number in half and then add a half inch.  Measure that distance away from the long outside edge.  Draw a line, and then using our ruler angle in from the corners.  For the short ends, measure 2.5 inches up, and draw a line, and then angle in from the corners again.  
Step 3:  Cut the envelope out.  If you wanted to line the inside of the envelope now would be the time.  
Step 4:  Place the card face down over the center, and fold the bottom flap up.
Step 5:  Fold the sides in.
Step 6:  Run a line of glue down both edges of the bottom flap, and smooth the side flaps down.  Then add a line of glue to the right side flap edge, and smooth the left flap over it.  
Step 7:  Now glue the top flap down.  You could also use a sticker to close it, or if you are into wax seals that would be super awesome.  
Step 8:  Finish off by stamping 'happy birthday' on the front of the envelope.  Now you're done!  

Hope ya'll liked this DIY, and happy DIYing, chris.