Saturday, May 12, 2012

On Blogging

I'm approaching the six month mark for my blog.  Wow.  I'm glad that I've committed to this, and I think it is definitely helping me move towards some of my bigger goals.  I'm really proud of what I've put out so far, but I still want to improve ( a LOT ).  Maybe on some days I would like to be doing better with this thing then I am.  But I'm happy to have so many likes on facebook (holding strong at 178!), and my wonderful 21 followers.  Thank you for reading my blog everyone!  I couldn't be more proud to have you as my guest!  

Though I have to be honest, some days my lil' blog can feel like more work than it's worth.  For this Saturday Blogger Love, I wanted to share some bloggers that have written some inspiring words for when blogging gets hard, and it's the last thing you'd like to be doing.  I want to keep at this blog, because I have bigger goals for myself than where I am right now, and my blog is keeping my mind goal oriented, and my creative juices flowing.  Speaking of creativity Real Simple had a fantastic article by A.J. Jacobs on "How To Be More Creative".  Totally inspirational, and made me want to work harder to craft pieces that are true to my visual aesthetic, and to keep making things that make me happy.  

35mm b&w film
Elizabeth over on Delightfully Tacky has been writing some beautiful thoughts on having an Existential Crisis in the blogosphere, and Clearing (your) Head when your blog hits a turning point.  I couldn't agree with her words more.  I want to move into the woods and have a garden, and Aaron and I could have our own little self sufficient haven, and let our natural talents flourish.  I'd love to own a boutique that sells an eclectic collection of unique handcrafted pieces.  I'm not always sure how all these goals work into my blog, or where I fit into the blog world, and Elizabeth couldn't have expressed these thoughts better.  

35mm b&w film
My Girl Thursday wrote about being a quitter, and not giving up on her blog, even when all the other outside pressures make you want to run the other way.  On some days it's hard to remember that this blog is for me, and that it doesn't matter how many views I had today or yesterday.  Or that none of my new posts seem to surpass the ratings on my paper pulp seed cups DIY post.  This blog is for me to have a place to gather together all my thoughts, skills, and goals.  A place to stew on those things and let them grow into something bigger.  

35mm b&w film
Heather over on Musings of A Girl and San on The In Between Is Mine shared their thoughts on blogging, relationships and connecting.  I've always struggled with my personal connections with other people, and a lot of Heather and San's words rang true for me.  It's always reassuring to hear other people feel the same way I do.  I read a lot of established blogger's tips on growing your new blog, and it's obvious that networking and making a blogging community is important to the growth, and maybe the sustainability of your blog.  I have to imagine having blogger friends helps on the hard days, and helps to push your blog to new places, and keep your posts current and relevant to the outside world.  I don't want fear of rejection to keep me from making blogging friends.  I want to write some heartfelt emails to some of the blogging ladies I enjoy following, but I don't want to get down if I don't hear back from any of them.  But who knows, maybe by this time next month I'll have one new blogging friend!  

In case anyone is wondering I photographed all the photos used in this post using a 35mm SLR (I don't remember if I was using my Pentax, or my friend's Nikon) back in 2003.  I love what my eye saw back then, I want to make more art like this.  Hope ya'll are having a wonderful Saturday, and Happy DIYing, chris!