Sunday, May 13, 2012

T-shirt Dip Dye & Hammerhead Stencil

Happy Mom Day!  Sadly I don't have any mother's day crafts to post.  i'm not a very good daughter when it comes to presents.  I did hang out with my mom for most of today.  That should count for something.  Plus we cooked, and ate food together, and what better way to a mom's heart then through her tummy?  Ha!

Today I want to share a DIY I did a few days ago.  I came up with this idea about a month ago, but I was really nervous about actually doing it.  I dip dyed a t-shirt, and stenciled a hammerhead shark on it.  I've dyed fabric before, and stenciled tons of shirts, but this was a first combining the two.  Plus dying things is always an adventure, because it's hard to get exact sure fire results.  

This is the shirt I started out with.  Just a plain basic green tee from H & M.  It's a few years old, so it's getting very thin and stretched out.  

I was thrilled with the dye results.  I used Rit Dye Teal.  The powdered kind, not sure if that makes a difference, I've never tried the liquid kind.  I wanted the bottom to be darker, and for it to get lighter as it went up.  

Then I mixed up some grey fabric paint, and painted on my hammerhead stencil.  

I love how they turned out.  

I might add a boat on the top of the water, not sure yet.  I'll decide after I wash it again.  This shirt makes me really excited.  I want to make more t-shirts.  I really love stenciling, and dying the fabric adds an extra level of awesome.  I need to cool my nerves, and try my hand at silk screening.  I think I could have some sellable products, if I got good at silk screening.  

I couldn't be more thrilled with the results.  When I finished Aaron said he'd be proud to be seen with me wearing my t-shirt in public.  It's a silly thing to say, but it makes me smile.  Aaron's overdue for a new t-shirt from me.  I promised one for his birthday, and then I bought him clothing at the beach instead.  Opps.  I'll have some more t-shirt DIYs in the future.  Hope ya'll enjoyed, and had a happy mother's day!  Happy DIYing, chris.