Friday, June 8, 2012

Fascinating Friday Finds #8

Happy Friday, I hope everyone is having a lovely day!  Here are my fun fantastic finds for this week.

I'm absolutely in love with Kaylah's new hair!  The colors are amazing.  Wish I could dye my hair fun funky colors, but my job is not okay with awesome hair.  She's amazing too, if you haven't checked out The Dainty Squid before, it's definitely worth peaking around.  

This coral maxi dress found on Sosie is perfect for summer.  I spotted Emma wearing it over on A Beautiful Mess for this week's sister style.  Those two girls (Elsie & Emma)  are super talented.  It's awesome to watch their careers blossom.  

This is a beautiful dress over on ModCloth's Be the Buyer.  I really hope it gets picked.  Ya know I'm usually a bright colors person, but the detailing and subtle pattern are lovely on this dress.  I love how it's reminiscent of the 20's flapper style.  

This pair of shoes are handmade in Africa by eight lovely gentlemen.   They make twenty pairs a day.  They come in a variety of style and colors, and are unisex.  I love the neon toes on this pair.  I could see Aaron or I rocking these out. :)  To find out more about the shoes, you can find them online at Schier Shoes.  

I love all things having to do with owls, and this birthday card is awesome.  Plus, I'm a big fan of stationary, especially if it's handmade.  Found on Etsy at Drawn By Lucy Smith.

Love this super simple DIY I found on David Leon Morgan's blog.  Plus David looks like a super awesome dude!  Check out his 'About Me', it's eloquently written, and I definitely hit his follow me button immediately.  

Mmmm, this french onion soup looks amazing.  I love cooking, and I love soups, and I love cooking soups.  French Onion Soup is one of my favorites, but I've never attempted making it.  I want to try The Curvy Carrot's recipe soon.  Yummy!  Haha, I guess this isn't really a spring/summer food, though, huh?  Oh well!

Have a lovely weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!