Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy Hot Days

Happy Sunday!  It's been super hot here.  I think it reached ninety today, and the humidity was high.  I felt like we were swimming though the neighborhood during our evening walk around six-thirty/seven.  Even Moose was okay with only going for a half walk, instead of making it around the whole outer circle of the neighborhood.  I was going to venture to a different picture place other than my backyard again, but it was just to darn stinkin' hot.    This is what I wore today ...

Dress -- vintage thrifted
Belt -- hand-me-down from my Grandparent's basement
Shoes -- Dirty Laundry DIY lace-ups

I recently took in an inch on each side of the top half of this dress.  It fits just like a glove now.  Before I had way too much room in the chest area, and my already small boobs looked ti-ny!  I also fixed the bottom of the zipper in the back.  It had come loose, and left a gapping hole at the top of my bottom, so I'm glad that's all closed up now.  :)  I love this dress a ton.  I bought it at a great vintage/thrift store in Shoreditch, London. The print, and cut of the dress are perfect for me.   Great for throwing on, and getting things done.  I usually don't wear red, but I love the little red pipping on the pockets, and across the top.  The pockets are super useful.  I end up with loads of random things in them.  At one point today, I had my 75mm lens in one of my pockets!  I love how the blue and white pattern on my belt work with the pattern on the dress, they complement each other well.  I've been wearing either this pair, or my black pair of Dirty Laundry shoes everywhere these days.  I'm not one for flip flops, and these are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have for all these hot humid walks I keep taking Moose on.  

I mostly finished an awesome bracelet I crafted together, but I need to buy a toggle clasp to finish it off.  That's what I spent most of my day working on, and hanging out in the sunshine, trying not to spend the entire day hiding indoors.  Now that the sun is setting, I'm hiding out dreaming of eating popsicles, and watching Lie To Me.  I hope ya'll are keeping cool where ever you're reading this from, and happy DIYing, chris!