Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Upstate New York Shenanigans

Our trip to New York was nice, too quick though.  We got to go camping.  For a night.  Aaron and I totally lucked out too, because we got there just before a storm arrived.  We knew it was coming, because we drove through super thick buckets of water pouring down.  We setup in a hurry, finished before the rain started, and better yet, our tent was completely dry.  

It was pleasant waking up and seeing this gorgeous view outside of our tent.  The fog was perfect in the morning.  I love waking up before everyone, and wondering around.  It's something I've done since I was a little kid at sleepovers.  When I spend the night over someone's house it's awkward waking before everyone, but it's fantastic when camping!  I get to see and discover things most wont.  

When I was little I would spend hours playing in the forest by myself.  It would be so easy for me to lose myself in a forest forever.  I mean why not take some chickens, and some goats deep into some forgotten vast overgrowth of wondrous trees?  Where do those places still exist???  Probably only cold places, I should learn how to hand mill wood, and build a log cabin.  :)  

Aaron and I planned to visit a farm on our way out of town on Sunday, but the one farm we tracked down close by didn't open until 11.  We were ready to buy some cheese at 9:30.  We had to kill some time waiting, because we were hoping to be able to take some pictures of goats and an alpaca or two.  While driving around we found this awesome display tucked away on a gravel/dirt road.  

We also stopped, and took a photo of this pretty pond.  While snapping some photos, the owner, who lived across the street, came out with his lab, and said, "Hey! How ya doin'?", and not in a pleasant way.  Awkward!  Aaron complemented his water feature, and the owner said they thought so too, and we thanked him, and left.  Opps!  

We meet a really nice couple down the road from the goat dairy.  The husband mills locally chopped lumber, and the wife makes jewelry out of paper, and she makes stain glass concrete pavers too.  They completely opened their home to us, and showed us their crafts, and the wife showed me how she creates her jewelry, so awesome. 

When it was finally time to go to the goat farm, we noticed driving in, that there was a sign that said, 'no self-guided tours'.  We wanted to buy some cheese though, so we rang the bell on the porch, like the sign said.  We waited.  Then a lady smelling of b.o. and sour cheese asked us what cheese we'd like to buy, then she went in got us change, and said, "is that all you need? all right then, have a good day!"  Which we both took to mean, enjoy your cheese, and get the heck off my property!  So sadly, no goat or alpaca, or bunny, or pony photos.  BOO!  

Otherwise it was a successful trip.  Like I said before, it's nice to get away from life sometimes.  It's a shame we had to come home on such a negative note, worrying about Moose the whole way.  I might have an opportunity to get away this week too, we'll see!  

Hope ya'll are having a great tuesday, and happy DIYing, chris!