Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rocks Rock!

I've been super busy lately with an extra exciting surprise, but I don't want to ruin it until it's a completely done deal.  Since this big secret has been eating up a ton of my time, and mind space I haven't been up to too many DIYs lately.  I'm sorry if I'm disappointing any of you with the lack of tutorials, but I promise there will be a plethora of them in the future, if you can hang on.  For now I hope you like rocks, because I sure do!  

Actually, I like rocks a TON.  I'm even willing to pay for them.  I think it's romantic if Aaron buys me a rock, and I'm not talking about diamonds or rubies here.  I totally prefer a colorful, crystal-covered, other worldly rock, rather than a bunch of roses.  Aaron bought this rock for me on our most recent trip to Vermont, when we saw Peter Dinklage talk.  It's called a Wavellite, it's from Mount Ida in Arkansas.  

He bought this one for me at the same place.  It's called a pyromorphite, from Guangxi Province in China.  I had an extremely hard time deciding on which rock I wanted.  I think next time we are in Bennington we might be buying another one.   I do love the one I got.  The orange with the green crystals growing out of the sparkle is perfectly lovely.  I adore all the colors and textures.  

I think I got the two rocks when driving cross country with my mom.  We stopped at a place with a ton of petrified wood, and I think I got these there.  At least they look like petrified wood to me.  I love the wood grain, and the beautiful shades of colors.  The little bit of driftwood is from a DE beach.  I think.  I have a hard time keeping track of where all my rocks are from.  For me it's more about finding a little natural object that I find beautiful.  I find solace in knowing they have been on the earth longer than me, and will remain here long after I'm gone. 

This is a fossil my mom bought for me when Aaron and I first moved back to Delaware.  We found it at this big arts & craft festival that happens every year, in this hippie little community called Arden.  The rock it's on I probably found walking around somewhere in this area, because I think it looks like slate or blue rock, which are both natural to this area.  

Aaron and I also bought this little bear fetish on our trip to Vermont.  It's hand carved by Inuit people from North America.  The wolf I found in my parent's kitchen.  The Jesus pendant I found somewhere really special, that shall remain nameless for the time being.  I found the bottom rock on a family trip a looooong time ago.  I think it looks like sliced bread.  The other rocks have been found random places.  I setup this little alter for the bear, because I thought the little guy would be happiest like this.  

I almost didn't get this guy, and I'm soooo pleased I made Aaron come back with me to wrap him up, and bring him home.  He is just perfect.  

My first dog was half wolf, and they've always had a special place in my heart because of it.  

I wasn't raised in a house where this type of jewelry was bought or worn, but they always catch my eye around someone else's neck.  I love how worn this is.  I bet this pendant has seen a lifetime of stories.  I hope this brings me some luck being around.  

Hope you enjoyed my rock collection, as much as I do!  Do you collect rocks too?  Happy DIYing, chris