Monday, July 2, 2012

Cheese for Breakfast & Lunch

Happy Nom Nom Monday.  I love cheese.  You could add cheese to just about anything, and make it taste five times better, in my book.  For today I have three cheeses, and what I made for breakfast and lunch with them.  

Breakfast was a simple sunny-side up egg.  I love a well cooked runny egg.  First heat a frying pan on high for a minute, add a little oil so the egg doesn't stick.  Warm the oil.  Carefully crack an egg or two into the pan, lower the heat down to medium.  Add seasonings, this is what makes the eggs taste yummy without anything on them, so choose wisely.  I generally go with a little garlic powder, seasoned salt, and some freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Cover the pan so the whites cook through, and the bottom of the egg doesn't end up burnt.  Keep your eye on the pan.  When it's cooked to your desire of slurrpiness your done.  I like gooey eggs, so it only takes five minutes at the longest.  So yummy, easy, and quick.  No reason to skip breakfast if you have some eggs and seasonings in your house.  If I'm really hungry, or only want one egg, I will eat this with toast.  I love soaking up all the runny yoke on my warm bread.  

For lunch I made grilled tuna fish sandwiches.  One for me, and one for Aaron.  I made the tuna with a tablespoon of mayo, half a tablespoon of vidalia onion mustard, 10 basil leaves torn into small pieces,  two tablespoons of shredded cheddar cheese, and a tablespoon of relish.  Mixed that all together, I added a tiny bit of mayo to some potato bread, placed a single slice of american cheese on the bread, and spooned half the tuna mixture on.  The tuna mix made two sandwiches.  

Next, I warmed and seasoned my pan with a pat of butter, a little garlic powder, and a little seasoned salt on high heat.  Fresh garlic and some basil would have been nice too, but I was lazy.  After the pan warmed for a couple minutes I carefully placed my sandwich in the frying pan.  With the cheese slice on top, that way it didn't melt too fast.  After about a minute, I flipped the tuna squish (as Aaron calls it), and let sit for another minute.  Once both sides are lightly browned, dish up!  I like to cut mine in half,  and let it cool off  before I take the first amazing gooey bite.  The fresh basil was a great accompaniment to the tuna, and mayo, and mustard, and awesomeness.  I will be making this again, my new favorite grilled cheese!  

Hope ya'll are having a great Monday, happy DIYing, chris.